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What do we support?

We support a wide range of projects and initiatives that help to promote human health and the sustainability of the planet.

Our focus areas


Infectious diseases, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease are a threat to global public health.


We must solve the climate crisis and develop tomorrow’s food production so that we can feed a growing world population in a sustainable way.

Life science ecosystem

A robust life science ecosystem is a prerequisite for scientific breakthroughs and the development of new technologies that can help to solve major societal challenges.

Selected projects and initiatives

AMR Action Fund – global initiative to combat antimicrobial resistance

Several leading pharmaceutical companies and foundations have raised USD 1 billion to launch the AMR Action Fund. The aim is to bring 2–4 new antibiotics to patients by 2030.

Challenge Programme

The Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to make significant contributions to the development and strengthening of the Danish research ecosystems, within research aimed at solving major challenges in health and the sustainability of society and the planet.

Centre for Childhood Health

In 2020, the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded a grant towards the establishment of a new entity in the Foundation, with the main task of developing a new centre focusing on healthy weight for children.

BioInnovation Institute Foundation

The Novo Nordisk Foundation launched the BioInnovation Institute (BII) in 2017, awarding DKK 465 million (EUR 64 million) in grants over the first three years. In 2021, BII was established as an independent foundation, for which the Novo Nordisk Foundation has made a commitment of DKK 3.5 billion (EUR 470 million) over a ten-year period.

Data Science Initiative

DTU Biosustain

The interdisciplinary research centre uses biotechnology, synthetic biology and data analysis to develop methods for producing a wide range of consumer goods in a greener and cheaper way

Helix Lab – education and research centre in Kalundborg

The Helix Lab Research and Education Center in Kalundborg aims to attract MSc students from universities in Denmark and abroad. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded grants totalling DKK 65 million to the Helix Lab over a 5-year project period.

We award grants for projects based on applications we receive in open competition and for projects for which the Foundation takes the initiative. The aim is always to improve people’s lives by advancing health, through education and by developing a knowledge-based, sustainable society.
Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, Professor, CEO, Novo Nordisk Foundation

Our grants

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants based on applications in open competition and supports a large number of different areas within health, sustainability and life science.

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Unsolicited inquiries

We receive a great number of inquiries, expressions of interest and applications outside of our open calls. To facilitate an effective assessment, unsolicited inquiries, expressions of interest and applications for the Novo Nordisk Foundation should be received according to guidance below.