Electronic invoicing

To optimize our workflow and our service towards our suppliers, Novo Nordisk Foundation uses electronic invoicing. You can easily make use of electronic invoicing, such as through Sproom ( you use a different e-invoicing solution you can send your invoice directly to the Novo Nordisk Foundation EAN number: 5790002127878

Electronic invoicing information

When you send your invoices to us electronically, please state the following information:

1. Supplier e-mail

  • OIOXML: Invoice/SellerParty/OrderContact/E-Mail
  • OIOUBL: Invoice/AccountingSupplierParty/Party/Contact/ElectronicMail

2. Order number (If you haven’t received an order number, please leave this field blank)

  • OIOXML: Invoice/ReferencedOrder/BuyersOrderID
  • OIOUBL: Invoice/OrderReference/ID

3.Personal reference at Novo Nordisk Foundation (initials 2-4 letters, e.g. MLQW)

  • OIOXML: Invoice/BuyerParty/BuyerContact/ID
  • OIOUBL: Invoice/AccountingCustomerParty/Contact/ID


To further clarify the product description the fields “Faktura note” or ”Linie beskrivelse” can be used.

Varelinjebeskrivelse OIOXML: Invoice.InvoiceLine.Item.Description

Varelinjebeskrivelse OIOUBL: Invoice.InvoiceLine.Item.Description

Note OIOXML: Invoice.Note

Note OIOUBL: Invoice.Note

If you cannot send the invoice electronically, you must send it as a PDF to containing the above information.