Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing

To optimize our workflow and our service towards our suppliers, Novo Nordisk Foundation uses electronic invoicing. You can easily make use of electronic invoicing, such as through Sproom ( you use a different e-invoicing solution you can send your invoice directly to the Novo Nordisk Foundation EAN number: 5790002127878

Electronic invoicing information

When you send your invoices to us electronically, please state the following information:

1. Supplier e-mail

  • OIOXML: Invoice/SellerParty/OrderContact/E-Mail
  • OIOUBL: Invoice/AccountingSupplierParty/Party/Contact/ElectronicMail

2. Order number (If you haven’t received an order number, please leave this field blank)

  • OIOXML: Invoice/ReferencedOrder/BuyersOrderID
  • OIOUBL: Invoice/OrderReference/ID

3.Personal reference at Novo Nordisk Foundation (initials 2-4 letters, e.g. MLQW)

  • OIOXML: Invoice/BuyerParty/BuyerContact/ID
  • OIOUBL: Invoice/AccountingCustomerParty/Contact/ID


To further clarify the product description the fields “Faktura note” or ”Linie beskrivelse” can be used.

Varelinjebeskrivelse OIOXML: Invoice.InvoiceLine.Item.Description

Varelinjebeskrivelse OIOUBL: Invoice.InvoiceLine.Item.Description

Note OIOXML: Invoice.Note

Note OIOUBL: Invoice.Note

If you cannot send the invoice electronically, you must send it as a PDF to containing the above information.