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Challenge Programme 2022

For the application round of 2022, the Challenge Programme sought to support outstanding research collaborations working within one of three selected themes. Up to DKK 360 million was awarded for grants of up to DKK 60 million each.

Theme 1: Recycling for a Sustainable Society

The specific challenge of this theme is to develop new bio-inspired methods and technologies for conversion, recovery and extraction of resources and raw materials from waste, residuals and side-streams. Linear use of resources for the production of food, chemicals, materials, energy and other goods drives depletion and pollutes the environment. Therefore, recycling of individual constituents or components present in waste or side-streams is essential to ensure sustainability and promote circular use of resources.  

Read more about the theme here.

Theme 2: Energy Materials with Biological Applications

With the overall aim of enabling novel applications within the life- or biosciences, the specific challenge of this theme is to design, model, synthesize, and/or characterize novel bio-compatible energy materials. The focus is on energy harvesting, transforming, or storage materials with potential application for health-tech wearables, implantable devices, or other bioelectronic applications. The research should also address biocompatibility and potential toxicological or mechanically adverse effects. 

Read more about the theme here.

Theme 3: Immunity at Mucosal Surfaces

With the overall aim of translating knowledge of the mucosal immune system into novel treatments of disease, the specific challenge of this theme is to develop procedures that safely induce long-lasting protection against pathogens via unspecific immune responses at mucosal surfaces, or that maintain tolerance towards innocuous agents. Applications should focus on the immune system and have a translational scope.  

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For information about the grant recipients, please read our press release or read about the projects in our overview of grant recipients.