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DKK 2.4 billion for talented research leaders at all stages of their careers

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is significantly expanding its Research Leader Programme aimed at research leaders at all stages of their careers. The Foundation has now allocated a total of DKK 2.4 billion (€322 million) for the Programme over 5 years.

In 2017, the Foundation allocated DKK 600 million (€80.5 million) for establishing the new Programme targeting the best and most talented research leaders at various levels within bioscience and basic biomedical research.

The Foundation has now allocated an additional DKK 1.8 billion (€241.5 million), bringing the total to DKK 2.4 billion (€322 million) over 5 years. From 2019, the expanded Programme will include three additional research fields, with grants awarded within the following four fields:

  • endocrinology and metabolic research;
  • biotechnology-based synthesis and production research;
  • clinical and translational research; and
  • bioscience and basic biomedical research.

Research leaders based in any Nordic country may apply for grants for research projects within the first two of the fields mentioned above. Research projects within the last two fields must be based at a Danish research institution with one field targeting active clinicians and the other full-time researchers. Applications for grants under the Programme can be submitted in late 2018.

“The Research Leader Programme aims to support the continuing development of top researchers by ensuring that they have the opportunity to pursue ambitious and relevant projects with the help of a targeted and long-term grant that will ensure focus, continuity and stability in their research,” says Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou, Head of Research and Innovation Grants, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

“Once fully implemented, the Programme will support up to 240 research leaders over 5 years,” adds Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou.

The Programme comprises three types of grants targeting research leaders at different stages of their careers.

  • Emerging Investigator. Young promising research leaders who want to establish or are in the process of establishing their own research group and research profile.
  • Ascending Investigator. Talented research leaders at the associate professor level to enable them to consolidate their research group and profile.
  • Distinguished Investigator. Professors of the highest international standing and calibre.

Up to 12 five-year grants of up to DKK 10 million (€1.34 million) each will be awarded annually within each of the four scientific focus areas – with four grants for each career stage.

Updates and further information about the different focus areas and the individual grant types will be posted on the Foundation’s website in the autumn.

An article about last year’s recipients of grants within bioscience and basic biomedical research can be found here.

Further information

Tina Thorslund, Scientific Officer, Research and Innovation Grants, phone +45 3527 6677, [email protected]

Christian Mostrup Scheel, Senior Press Officer, phone: +45 3067 4805, [email protected]