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DKK 250 million allocated for research on endocrine and metabolic diseases

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is increasing its support for research on non-diabetic endocrinology.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has allocated DKK 250 million to a new programme aimed at boosting research on endocrinology in Denmark and contributing to creating new knowledge about inherited and acquired diseases such as osteoporosis, thyroid disorders as well as pituitary, adrenal and genitourinary diseases.

The Foundation will achieve this by supporting clinical research collaborations in these fields.

The Foundation will not accept applications for grants under the programme for research on diabetes, which the Foundation supports through other initiatives.

“The ambition of the new programme is to boost endocrinological research in Denmark. We want to create opportunities for increased clinical collaboration across the administrative regions and hospitals throughout Denmark. By doing this, we want to contribute to strengthening disease prevention and the treatment of patients who are at risk of developing or have developed endocrine and metabolic diseases other than diabetes,” says Jannik Hilsted, Head of Patient Care, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Two types of grants

The Programme on Non-diabetic Endocrinology features two types of grants:

  • Small collaborative projects over 1–5 years, for which applications may be submitted for grants of up to DKK 10 million. The Foundation will award grants of DKK 25 million annually for small collaborative projects.
  • Major thematic collaborative projects over 5 years, for which applications may be submitted for a grant of DKK 25 million. The Foundation will award one thematic grant annually. Read the call for applications here.

In total, the Foundation will award grants of DKK 250 million over 5 years.

“The Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported endocrinological research for more than 90 years, including a special focus on diabetes. With the new programme, we want to further strengthen the other part of endocrinology and create synergy between the research fields to benefit patients,” says Jannik Hilsted.

The Foundation has now opened the call for applications for major thematic collaborative projects – read more here. The call for applications for smaller collaborative projects will open this summer.

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