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Foundation Grants Inspire Delegates at ESOF 2014

Maria Louise Bønnelykke Robertson introduces the Danish Diabetes Academy

Yesterday, delegates at ESOF saw how far you can take it within research education and public outreach when representatives from the Danish Diabetes Academy, Experimentarium and Steno Health Promotion Center took to the Exhibition Stage at ESOF 2014.

After a short introduction to the Danish Diabetes Academy the first half of the session was filled by a PhD fellow, a Postdoc and a Professor from the Academy who gave examples of the kind of research enabled by Academy grants.

For the second half, representatives from Steno Health Promotion Center and Experimentarium gave a joint talk on PULSE, a collaborative project aiming to promote a healthier lifestyle among families with children.

Both initiatives represent the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s strategic goal aimed at research education and public outreach: “Spur imagination, inspiration and knowledge about science and technology”.


Danish Diabetes Academy
Grant: DKK 201 million (€26.9 million)
Awarded in 2012

Danish Science Centre Experimentarium in collaboration with Steno Health Promotion Center
Grant: DKK 33 million (€4.4 million)
Started in 2011


Wednesday, June 25 14.15 – 15.00

PART 1 speakers:

Maria Louise Bønnelykke Robertson (introduction to DDA)

Antonio Luis Cuesta-Muñoz, MD, PhD, Visiting Professor University of Copenhagen, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Michael Væggemose, PhD fellow, Department of Neurology, University of Aarhus

Maja Storm Engelstoft, PhD, The Novo Nordisk  Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen,

PART 2 speakers:

Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Professor, Head of Steno Health Promotion Center

Morten Busch, PhD, Head of the Science Media and Learning Centre at Experimentarium