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New Call for the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Social Science Research Programme

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has now opened a new call for the Foundation’s social science research programme.

This year’s theme is on the socioeconomic impact of research in health and disease. The aim is to contribute towards developing crucial knowledge about the economic impacts of healthcare systems and their priorities. Moreover, the knowledge acquired from this programme will provide essential information on individual and health-related behavior.

Examples of research questions that could be relevant for the programme on socioeconomic effects of research in health and disease could be related to how research in health and diseases effects investments and spending in the public sector, job creation and long-term economic growth, says Thomas Alslev Christensen, Head of Operations, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The goal of the social science research programme is to strengthen evidence-based knowledge of the socioeconomic impact of research in health and disease at different levels. For instance, the research in health and disease can lead to introduction of new screening, prevention and treatment programmes that can save lives and reduce health costs in society. This would contribute positively to the labor force and thereby increase employment in society, tax revenues, economic growth and job creation.

The total grant budget is DKK 30 million. Applicants may apply for up to DKK 10 million over a 4-year project period. The Foundation anticipates funding up to three 4-year projects, each up to DKK 10 million.

For additional information on the new call, click here.


Impact Assessment Analyst Rikke Nørding Christensen, e-mail [email protected] or +45 35 27 66 23