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New Head of Open Competition Grants Appointed

Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou Professor, MD, DMSc On August 1, 2015 he joins the Foundation in a newly established position as Head of Open Competition Grants.

Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou, Professor, MD, DMSc, joins the Foundation in a newly established position as Head of Open Competition Grants on August 1, 2015.

As Head of Open Competition Grants Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou will be responsible for the Foundation’s grants awarded through yearly open calls as well as the Foundation’s prizes.

Niels-Henrik is 59 years old and comes from a position as Head of Department at Department of Biomedical Sciences at University of Copenhagen with 300 employees referring to him. Through this position which he has held for 9 years he has gained significant experience in management and administration.

Niels-Henrik is also a highly respected physiologist. He has been a professor of kidney physiology at the University of Copenhagen since 1994 and his research interests include: cardiovascular renal physiology; regulation of the micro circulation; the gap junction function in the heart and blood vessels; mathematic modelling of physiological systems.

In addition Niels-Henrik has significant experience with research evaluation from both university research boards, private national foundations including many years as a member of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Committee on Medical and Natural Sciences Research as well as from international public research foundations.