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Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants for 13 conferences, symposia and workshops

Research is most valuable when it is shared with other people and can help to create new and innovative collaboration. The Novo Nordisk Foundation is therefore supporting the holding of conferences, symposia and workshops and has just awarded 13 grants that aim to promote knowledge-sharing among researchers.

The Foundation has awarded almost DKK 3.8 million to 13 researchers to enable them to hold interdisciplinary scientific conferences, symposia and workshops at universities and hospitals in Denmark.

Similar to previous funding rounds, the applications were wide ranging, with grants awarded for events ranging from astrophysics and art to hearing and quantum photonics. The common theme of all the projects is that they are related to the categories of the life sciences, art and art history and the natural and technical sciences.

The grants include funding for a conference on heart arrhythmia and a conference aimed at PhD students and young researchers in the fields of quantum optics and atomic and molecular physics. The grants also include an unconventional workshop that will build bridges between extragalactic astrophysics and public health applications, and a symposium that aims to improve understanding of how higher intracranial pressure affects health.

“These grants aim to enable both young and leading researchers to meet, show and share the latest research results and methods within their fields. This year, we again received many fantastic proposal and we look forward to the conferences, symposia and workshops being held,” says Niels Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou, Head of Biomedicine and Health Research, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

This is the third time the Foundation has awarded grants for conferences, symposia and workshops through this programme. Five grants were awarded the first time and this number has now grown to 13.

Researchers may apply for funding biannually, and applications may be submitted from 22 January for projects to be held from autumn 2020.

Grant recipients

Bastian Epp, Associate Professor, DTU Health Tech, Technical University of Denmark
Mechanics of Hearing Workshop 2020 – Nonlinearity and Hearing
Grant amount: DKK 429,318

Poul Erik Jensen, Professor, Dept. of Food Science, University of Copenhagen
4th International Conference on Plant Synthetic Biology, Bioengineering, and Biotechnology, Copenhagen 2020
Grant amount: DKK 346,920

Søren Hauberg, Associate Professor, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark
Generative Models and Uncertainty Quantification (GenU) 2020
Grant amount: DKK 179,600

Thomas Guldager Skov, PhD, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University
Young Atom Opticians 2020
Grant amount: DKK 201,000

Mette Rosenkilde, Professor, Molecular Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen
Application for the 10th Adhesion-GPCR Workshop 2020 in Copenhagen
Grant amount: DKK 444,500

Davide Bacco, Postdoctoral Fellow, DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark
International Conference on Integrated Quantum Photonics (ICIQP) 2020
Grant amount: DKK 189,750

Karen-Lise Garm Spindler, Clinical Professor, Aarhus University Hospital
The First International Multidisciplinary Conference on SSCA 2020
Grant amount: DKK 490,000

Nicole Schmitt, Professor with Special Responsibilities, Molecular Cardiology and Membrane Proteins, University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen Meeting on Cardiac Arrhythmia
Grant amount: DKK 354,380 (will be held at the Novo Nordisk Foundation)

Pia Vibeke Orlien, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen
High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology Conference
Grant amount: DKK 153,600

Lasse Boding, Department Manager, Danish National Biobank, Statens Serum Institut
Scaling Omics Approaches to Population Size
Grant amount: DKK 291,375

Nanna MacAulay, Professor, Department of Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen
Symposium on BrainH2O: To Manage Intracranial Pressure in Pathology, We Must Understand Brain Fluid Dynamics in Physiology
Grant amount: DKK 280,875

Jane Fejfer, Associate Professor, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen
Curating the Portrait
Grant amount: DKK 312,739

Iary Davidzon, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cosmic Dawn Center, University of Copenhagen
Where Sky and Earth Meet. Interdisciplinary Workshop between Extragalactic Astrophysics and Public Health Applications
Grant amount: DKK 115,000

Further information

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