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Novo Nordisk Foundation Partners in a New Campaign for International Research Collaboration

The new global campaign Together Science Can is focusing on opportunities for researchers to collaborate internationally.

Research is the key to solving some of the world’s most complex challenges. However, success requires using the best ideas – regardless of their origin.

Together Science Can is a new global campaign supported by several actors in international research. The aim is to focus on the positive results of international research collaboration and how important it is to protect the opportunities for researchers to collaborate across national borders.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports this initiative, which is convening researchers, institutions and organizations globally and across research fields to focus on the need for global research collaboration.

“Research must be based on collaboration to create new discoveries. This is the essence of research, and researchers must therefore be enabled to work across scientific fields and across national frontiers to develop solutions to some of the world’s major challenges,” says Birgitte Nauntofte, CEO, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Together Science Can will run until spring 2019. The Wellcome Trust (United Kingdom) initiated the campaign, which is suppported by a wide range of international actors in research.

Everyone can support the campaign at or at #TogetherScienceCan or can follow the campaign on social media:


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