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The Novo Nordisk Foundation More Than Doubles Grants for Art Research and Launches a New Programme

The Foundation is expanding the funds allocated to art research to DKK 22.8 million annually.

Many more art researchers will receive grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation starting in 2017.

The Foundation is expanding the funds allocated to art research to DKK 22.8 million annually – more than twice the DKK 8.8 million available in 2016. The increase will fund the establishment of a new research leader programme and more of the Foundation’s Mads Øvlisen PhD and postdoctoral fellowships within art research.

Under the new research leader programme Investigator Grant in Art History, the Foundation will award up to two grants annually of DKK 4 million each to support major art history research projects. The goals are to strengthen research in Denmark within art history; to give established researchers the opportunity to carry out world-class research; and to create noteworthy and high-profile research results.

Read more about the research leder programme here.

By offering more Mads Øvlisen PhD and postdoctoral fellowships, the Foundation is significantly increasing its support of art history and practice-oriented art research. Until now, two PhD and three postdoctoral scholarships have been awarded annually. In 2017, up to five PhD scholarships and up to four postdoctoral fellowships will be awarded annually.

Read more about the scholarships and fellowships and the research fields covered by the grants here.

“The Foundation has supported art history research for many years, and recently we have noted an increase in both the quantity and quality of the applications received. To support this development further, we have increased the funding of grants. This will enable us to award larger and more long-term grants to the most talented researchers and thereby support the development of art research in Denmark at the highest level and to achieve considerable international impact,” says Niels-Henrik von Holstein-Rathlou, Head of Research and Innovation Grants, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Applications for both the research leader programme and the scholarships and fellowships may be submitted starting on 29 November 2016.


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