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The Novo Nordisk Foundation Supports Cirkus Naturligvis

Cirkus Naturligvis aims to create a sense of wonder, fascination and greater interest in the natural sciences among pupils in grades 4 to 10. Photo: Lennart Søgård-Høyer.

Quizzes, fun and games are part of the curriculum when Cirkus Naturligvis pays a visit to primary and lower-secondary schools in Sjælland, Lolland and Falster in Denmark. The aim is to create a sense of wonder and fascination for pupils in grades 4 to 10 and thereby heighten their interest in the natural sciences.

Cirkus Naturligvis is a communication programme under the University of Copenhagen. It carries out activities at schools such as natural science experiments. Incorporating the learning objectives for primary and lower-secondary schools, the programme develops both preparatory and evaluation material such as quizzes, films, games, questionnaires and assignments for the individual activities.

Cirkus Naturligvis often brings along special equipment and material for the activities that the individual schools do not normally have or know how to use.

A special characteristic of Cirkus Naturligvis is that it uses university students as teachers and role models for the school pupils, and this gives the university students experience in teaching.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded DKK 3.7 million to Cirkus Naturligvis to expand the programme’s activities, including visiting schools and developing web-based material to be used in schools across Denmark.

Dagnia Looms, Head of Strategic Awards of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, says:

“Young people today have many educational options. If they are thinking of choosing the natural sciences, their interest should be piqued early. In awarding the grant to Cirkus Naturligvis, the Novo Nordisk Foundation wants to play its part in creating a sense of wonder, fascination and greater interest among pupils, thereby stimulating them in the long term to choose a career in the natural sciences.

Cirkus Naturligvis is part of the SCIENCE educational services division of the Department of Natural Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Cirkus Naturligvis teaches about 11,000 pupils annually.

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