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Science Talent Academy

ScienceTalents seeks to strengthen the education chain by developing a new study programme. We want to establish active collaboration with upper-secondary schools, companies, research centres and universities working together to inspire and engage talented young students. Doing this will provide the impetus for them to continue improving their scientific skills. Nynne Afzelius, Talent Manager - Sciencetalents

Ambitious Upper-Secondary Students

The ScienceTalent Academy is a 2-year science study programme for talented young students attending upper-secondary schools in Denmark.

The programme involves each student attending: seven talent camps with high scientific ambition; a work-experience stay abroad; and a final project to be carried out in collaboration with a research centre or a company. The programme will run in parallel with their regular school curriculum and will give these talented young students challenges that many of them lack in school.

In addition to inspiring and engaging talented young students and thereby giving them the impetus to continue improving their scientific skills and pursue a career in the field, the study programme will also contribute to creating additional links and collaboration in the education chain between upper-secondary schools, universities, researchers and business.

The programme is being developed together with leading research centres and universities within bioscience research.

The goal is a programme with 180 talented young students from years 2 and 3 attending the Higher Technical Examination Programme (HTX) and general upper-secondary schools (STX) divided into three annual classes of 60 students.

ScienceTalents is responsible for the programme to develop science talent nationally among children and 12–20-year olds since 2010. ScienceTalents has many projects: they inspire and teach teachers; develop and hold talent camps and study programmes for talented students; and actively work to integrate talent development into the daily routine at primary and lower-secondary schools and upper-secondary schools in Denmark. ScienceTalents is based at the Mærsk Science Center in Sørø.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is supporting the establishment of the ScienceTalent Academy with a grant of DKK 9 million covering 2016–2020.