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The Novo Nordisk Foundation Sustain Programme – Application for database custodians

  • Please read the application guidelines.
  • Please pay special attention to the exclusion criteria as described in Section 1.3 in the guidelines.
  • All the fields must be filled in.
  • Your application will not be ranked or scored against the pool of applications. All eligible databases will be shortlisted.
  • Screening of applications will be performed on a rolling basis.
  • We encourage database custodians to apply as early as possible, so that we can guide and help you during this process.
  • Ensure to send all required attachments, as follows:
    • Budget (provided template below must be used);
    • Short CV of the applicant (maximum 2 pages);
    • A hosting letter from the research institution hosting the database;
    • A written consent of the database co-custodian, if applicable;
    • Relevant ethical approval, when applicable.

This form includes the following sections:

  • page 1: general information about the applicant and the database.
  • pages 2-5: a self-assessment guided by the FAIR principles (see definitions within the form).
  • pages 6: more detailed information about current and future plans for the database, and its potential for new users. This includes a description of the strategy and budget.

Find the Budget Form template here: budget template
Note: there are 3 tabs to fill, as you may be eligible for up to DKK 6 million, DKK 9 million, or DKK 12 million, depending on how many research projects are matched to your database and funded. See additional guidance in the application guidelines.