Rules for Eligibility

Rules for Eligibility



The following shall be considered ineligible to apply for or receive grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation:

a) Employees of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Novo Holdings A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, Novozymes A/S and other com-panies in which the Novo Nordisk Foundation directly or indirectly has a formal or actual controlling interest.

b) Members of the Board of Directors of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, their spouses and children residing in the fami-ly home.

c) Members of the Foundation’s committees. However, committee members may serve as collaborative partners or advisers on an application. Committee members may also be an applicant or co-applicant on an application submitted to a committee other than the one or ones on which they serve.


a) Members of committees and external assessors shall be considered disqualified if a member has a:

i. personal;
ii. professional; or
iii. financial

interest in the outcome of an application: for example, if the member supervises the applicant; is employed in the scientific unit of which the applicant is a leader; or if the member has a family relationship to the applicant. In this context, family relationships are defined as:

i. children, grandchildren, etc.;
ii. parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc.;
iii. grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.; and
iv. spouses, partners, cohabitants and their parents, brothers, sisters, children, etc.

b) A committee member shall be prohibited from participating in assessing any application from an applicant with whom a committee member has collaborated on research or has co-published a book, scientific article, report or the like within the previous 5 years. Nevertheless, the type and closeness of the collaboration shall determine whether this collaboration is deemed a conflict of interest.

c) A committee member who is ineligible in relation to an application shall also be ineligible in relation to other appli-cations that compete with the application in question. However, this shall only apply in situations in which the pool of applications amounts to five or less. If a final decision is made on the application or applications to which the mem-ber’s ineligibility is linked and this application or these applications are thereby no longer being assessed, the member in question may participate in assessing the remaining applications.


a) Committee members and external assessors shall notify the chair of the committee and the Foundation’s Secretar-iat of any ineligibility or potential conflict of interest within 10 working days after receiving the applications to be assessed.

b) If a committee member has a potential conflict of interest in connection with an application that is to be assessed, the committee shall decide by simple majority whether the conflict of interest disqualifies the member. A member to whom this applies may not participate in assessing the question of ineligibility and shall leave the room during the assessment and voting on the question of ineligibility. In case of a parity of votes, the chair shall hold the casting vote.

c) In cases of ineligibility, committee members shall be prohibited from participating in assessing an application, in-cluding any interviews, and shall leave the room in which the assessment is taking place.

d) A committee being quorate shall be given priority over ineligibility. If a committee is not quorate or if the composi-tion of a committee and its ability to assess applications may give rise to serious misgivings, the committee may, depending on the type or extent of the ineligibility, decide to allow one or more ineligible members to participate in assessing applications.

e) If this cannot be achieved, the chair of the committee shall decide on the procedures. The decision shall be taken in consultation with the representative(s) of the Novo Nordisk Foundation at the meeting.