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Challenge Programme 2019

For the application round of 2019, the Challenge Programme sought to support outstanding research collaborations working within one of three selected themes. Up to DKK XX million was awarded for grants of up to DKK 60 million each.

Theme 1: Modern Plant Science – towards a sustainable world

The specific challenge of this theme is exploring and exploiting plant science and biotechnology to reduce malnutrition and improve human health through sustainable agriculture.

Theme 2: Proteins for Tomorrow’s Food

With the overall aim of substituting animal-based food proteins with safe and healthy alternatives, the specific challenge of this theme is to understand and modulate the functional structural properties of plant, fungal and microbial proteins, to understand their interplay with other components in the food matrix and to create desired structures and taste.

Theme 3: Mathematical Modelling of Health and Disease

With the overall aim of enabling interference with disease conversion or spreading, the specific challenge of this theme is to develop quantitative mathematical models with predictive power that can significantly progress our understanding of the fundamental processes governing health and disease.

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