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Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme 2023

Call opens
8 March 2023
Call closes
31 August 2023 2:00pm (CEST)
Announcement of results
December 2023
Application guidelines


It is becoming increasingly clear that some of the most complex scientific challenges only can be addressed through interdisciplinary efforts. With the Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme, the Novo Nordisk Foundation seeks to strengthen the synergy between researchers, across disciplines, organisations, and national borders.

The goals of the Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme are to:

  • Enable creative and novel, high-risk/high-gain interdisciplinary research
  • Support early-stage attempts at attacking such novel interdisciplinary ideas
  • Stimulate an emerging interdisciplinary research culture that spans across scientific disciplines and techniques
  • Break down or overcome the barriers that exist between the different disciplines
  • Strengthen and internationalize Danish research

The project should be based on a novel research idea, where an interdisciplinary, high-risk/high-gain challenge is at the centre. The programme supports projects where 2-4 research groups collaborate (a main applicant plus 1-3 co-applicants).

The programme supports exploration of un-tested, high-risk/high-gain ideas. The project period will support establishing pilot data providing basis for continuing into a more complex and expanded project stage. If there at the application stage already exists pilot data, the applicants are encouraged to consider the Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme.

About the grants


Up to DKK 5 million per grant




Committee on Interdisciplinary Research


Ulla Vig Nissen
Grant Manager
[email protected]
Coralie Backlund
Scientific Manager
+45 2252 4809 [email protected]

Research areas:

Research funded under this programme must aim at reaching novel insight through interdisciplinary approaches to resolve complex challenges in relation to NNF’s strategic focuses on medical sciences, life sciences, and natural and technical sciences with potential future applications within health or sustainability.

If the application falls inside the Natural and technical sciences area, the applicant must explain in the application text how the topic has potential applications to health or sustainability.


Up to DKK 5 million can be requested for a project running up to 3 years. The total annual budget for this call is DKK 53.75 million.

Application process

Please read “Information and Guidelines for Applicants” carefully before initiating the application process. Essential information about eligibility, required content, the evaluation criteria, budget structure, etc. is found in these guidelines.

The application must be completed and submitted using the foundation’s application system NORMA that can be accessed via the link “Apply now“.


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Managing a grant

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