Apply for grants

Managing a grant

Once a grant has been offered, you will receive a grant agreement prepared by the Foundation.

The grant agreement is a legally binding document between the Foundation and the grant recipient. It contains the grant amount, the grant period, payment information, reporting requirements and any specific conditions that may apply to your grant.

Accepting the grant

You must actively accept the grant that we offer you in order to receive it. This is done by first inviting an administrator at your host institution to financially administrate the grant, followed by signing and uploading the grant agreement, and submitting a grant acceptance form.

These steps take place in the online application and grant management system NORMA. The grant agreement can always be obtained and managed through this system.

The Foundation has a set of General Terms & Conditions that apply to all grants awarded in open competition. By signing the grant agreement, you as the grant recipient agree to follow these terms and conditions. The Foundation reserves the right to change the conditions from time to time. The applicable Terms and Conditions can always be found on our website.


Once we have received the signed grant agreement from you, we set up a payment plan based on your project budget and we activate your grant. Payment of the grant is handled through NORMA via your assigned administrator at the host institution.

When these steps are in place, you are ready to begin your project.


You will be asked to perform mandatory reporting on your grant both during and after the grant period. You will automatically receive an e-mail with instructions from us on how and when to report. For more information on our reporting activities, click here.