Tandem Programme – Translational research collaboration between Basic and Clinical Researchers

Application opens
2019, 2pm (CET)
Award amount:
Up to DKK 15 mio. per grant available for granting
Announcement of results:
April 2019



With the present call ‘Tandem Programme’ The Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to strengthen and support Danish translational health research of high international quality. Collaborative project applications from one basic and one clinical researcher, that seek to stimulate the transition of basic research to clinical practice and vice versa are invited.


  • The project must be anchored at a university, hospital or other non-profit research institution in Denmark.
  • The main applicant must have his/her primary employment at a university, hospital or other non-profit research institution in Denmark. The co-applicant can be anchored in Denmark or abroad.
  • Only applications where one basic and one clinical researcher establish a cross-disciplinary collaboration will be considered for funding.
  • The main applicant can be either the basic researcher or the clinical researcher.
  • The clinical researcher must be active in the clinic and have current clinical responsibilities, i.e. not be employed in a full time research position.
  • The grant cannot cover the salaries for the main- and co-applicant. Therefore the main- and co-applicant must be guaranteed his or her salaries for the entire applied project period.
  • Both the main applicant and the co-applicant must receive a defined part of the grant budget and this must be detailed in the application budget, and it must be clear from the application, how the project collaboration is ensured and the work is distributed.
  • The applied project must be of 4 years duration.
  • The maximum budget per project is DKK 15 million.

Applications from ph.d. students and postdocs that carry out research under supervision, and applications where ph.d. students or postdocs are named as co-applicants will not be considered.

Research fields

Bridge the gap between basic science and clinical application. One basic scientist and one clinical scientist must apply together for a project, which is clinically relevant, cross-disciplinary, and translational in nature, to catalyse improved treatment or diagnosis of patients, or understanding of underlying disease mechanisms.


DKK 15 million are available for funding per Tandem Programme grant. Four 4-year Tandem Programmes can be funded in 2019.

Application process

Applications must be completed and submitted in English using the foundation’s electronic application system.

Selected applicants will be invited for an interview on June 4, 2019.

Please read ‘information and guidellines for applicants’ carefully before initiating the application process. Additional and essential information is found in these guidelines.

Committee on Clinical and Translational Medicine
Ursula Bach
Senior Administrator
+45 3527 6609

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