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Novo Nordisk Foundation announces an international open call for research projects to address key global challenges

As part of its Global Science Summit, the Novo Nordisk Foundation issues an international open call for research projects to catalyse science-based solutions to key global challenges. The programme expects to hand out up to eight grants with a total awarding budget of up to DKK 50 million (USD 7.1 million).

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is currently hosting its Global Science Summit in Helsingør, Denmark, as part of the celebrations for its 100th anniversary.

The Summit focuses on the interplay between non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases, and climate change as well as novel breakthrough-enabling technologies. The Summit brings together leading scientists, philanthropists and policymakers, with the overarching purpose of paving the way for new scientific breakthroughs that address these pressing issues.

In conjunction with the Summit, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is issuing an international open call for research projects, with the goal of catalysing science- and technology-based solutions to these global challenges. The expectation is to award up to eight grants, each with a budget of up to USD 1 million.

Professor Lene Oddershede, Senior Vice President at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, said: “As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is more committed than ever to helping to fund the scientific research needed to address the major globally complex and interconnected challenges humanity faces. We hope that these grants will achieve a lasting impact, and we encourage scientific communities all over the world to apply.”

Organisations participating in the Global Science Summit as well as other relevant non-profit organisations will be invited to assemble project collaborations, each consisting of 2-3 partners, with the aim to explore a novel, focused and interdisciplinary idea that relates to the themes of the Summit. Each proposal should address at least two of the following thematic areas: climate change, non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases and related enabling technologies. Applicants do not need to have attended the Global Science Summit to apply.

Further information about the call is available on the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s website.

About the Novo Nordisk Foundation
Established in Denmark in 1924, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is an enterprise foundation with philanthropic objectives. The vision of the Foundation is to improve people’s health and the sustainability of society and the planet. The Foundation’s mission is to progress research and innovation in the prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic and infectious diseases as well as to advance knowledge and solutions to support a green transformation of society.

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