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Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants for 19 new research projects within art and art history research

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded grants totalling more than DKK 28 million for art and art history research in its annual round of grants. In one of the projects, Dorthe Aagesen, Chief Curator and Senior Researcher at the National Gallery of Denmark, will collaborate with the Museum of Modern Art in New York on research on Henri Matisse’s painting The Red Studio.

A rediscovery of sculptor Adelgunde Vogt, a study of Greenlandic art from 1750 to 1950, and questioning the extent to which art should pique and create enjoyment or spark political action. These are examples of the 19 projects that have just been awarded grants by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The Foundation received 89 applications within these fields and awarded the grants to both Danish and international researchers who contribute to strengthening the art research community in Denmark. The Foundation awarded DKK 28.2 million for nine Mads Øvlisen PhD scholarships, two investigator grants, six project grants on art and art history research and two visiting professorships.

A new departure this year is that one visiting professorship was awarded to a collaboration between two institutions, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Schools of Visual Arts) and Aarhus University, which have joined forces to invite the renowned professor of philosophy Iris van der Tuin to visit. This initiative will bring both new knowledge and inspiration to the two institutions and provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration between researchers and students.

Institutions in Denmark attract talented researchers
The Foundation’s grants for art and art history research primarily focus on art history research, but the field also embraces projects that link art and science as well as practice-based research projects that use art or curating as a method. This applies, for example, to the upcoming PhD project of the acclaimed British artist Cally Spooner at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Schools of Visual Arts), where she will work with temporality through sound art in the form of an opera.

“The Novo Nordisk Foundation has again this year received applications for research in art and art history that show us how strong this field of research is in Denmark. With this year’s grants, talented researchers from home and abroad will be both recruited and retained in the research communities at Denmark’s institutions. We are very proud to contribute to this,” says Berith Bjørnholm, Head of the Foundation’s grants within art and art history research.

The Committee on Research in Art and Art History, comprising renowned art and art history researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, assesses the applications received.

The next application round opens on 25 October 2021.

Grants within art research and art history, 2021

Mads Øvlisen PhD scholarships for art history research
Søren Thorlak Madsen, Brandts – Museum of Art & Visual Culture, DKK 1,726,706
A Time of One’s Own

Lexington Davis, Aarhus University, DKK 1,999,613
Women’s Work: Second-wave Feminist Art and Domestic Labour

Tais Beata Terletskaja, University of Copenhagen, DKK 2,000,000
“Queer(y)ing Pleasure: the Role of Pleasure in Queer Feminist Art Practice on the Interface between the Intimate and the Political

Mads Øvlisen PhD scholarships for practice-based research
Anna Weile Kjær, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and University of Copenhagen, DKK 1,710,451
Worm Holes – When Times Collide

Cally Spooner, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Schools of Visual Arts), DKK 1,973,999
Dead Time: a Hypothesis of Resistance to Techno-temporal Performance

Mads Øvlisen postdoctoral fellowships for art history research
Bart Pushaw, University of Copenhagen, DKK 1,500,000
Indulgent Images: Indigenous Modernisms of the Colonial Arctic

Anne Kølbæk Iversen, Aarhus University, DKK 1,260,296
The Aesthetics of Shame, the Infrastructure of Desire

Mads Øvlisen postdoctoral fellowship for practice-based research
Henriette Heise, National Gallery of Denmark, DKK 1,499,991
The Lunatic Future for the Depressed Planet and the Flanet: Learning from the Late Work of Artists Who Figured Out How on Earth to Keep Going

Mads Øvlisen postdoctoral fellowship for art and natural sciences
Michael Kjær, Aarhus University, DKK 1,344,296
Hydrological Sensibility in a Fragile Ecology

Visiting Professorship in Art and Art History
Nicoletta Isar, University of Copenhagen, DKK 1,500,000
Novo Nordisk Foundation Visiting Professorship for Erik Thunø

Maibritt Borgen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Schools of Visual Arts) in collaboration with Aarhus University, DKK 688,561
Novo Nordisk Foundation Visiting Professorship for Iris van der Tuin

Investigator grants in art history research
Mathias Danbolt, University of Copenhagen, DKK 4,000,000
Moving Monuments: the Material Lives of Sculptures from the Danish Colonial Era

Jacob Lund Weinreich, Aarhus University, DKK 3,999,629
Artistic Practice in Contemporary Terms

Project grants on art and art history research
Christian Hald Foghmar, Sorø Art Museum, DKK 488,274
Albert Mertz Catalogue Raisonné – Clausens Kunsthandel’s Archive and Artist Books

Peter van der Meijden, Aarhus University, DKK 600,917
Every Morning We Have to Start All Over Again: Bjørn Nørgaard’s Volatile Art, 1965–2020

Dorthe Aagesen, National Gallery of Denmark, DKK 538,623
Henri Matisse: The Red Studio

Karen Benedicte Busk-Jepsen, Royal Danish Collection, DKK 860,100
Animal Sculptor Adelgunde Vogt

Marina Vidas, Royal Danish Collection, DKK 182,127
The Royal Likeness, the Female Body and Metapainting: Miniature Portraits of Dagmar of Denmark and Her Kin in Jewellery and Painting

Amelia Groom, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Schools of Visual Arts), DKK 329,959
“Taken in” by the Sea: Beverly Buchanan in Denmark, 1980

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