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Novo Nordisk Foundation supporting all-women teams participating in the first Global Goals World Cup in Amman, Jordan

Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup), with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and local host partner HRH Princess Lara Faisal from Rise for Good, will create a large-scale mobilization of women from across Jordan to take an active part in the sustainable development agenda and leverage their voice and influence through sport and teamwork. The unique partnership will be announced on Thursday in Davos. The photo shows one of the participating teams, Team Zaatari comprising refugees from Syria.  

A total of 34 teams have qualified to participate in the GGWCup and are representing a variety of entities, including large local and regional corporations, local foundations, universities, NGOs and teams of women from refugee camps hosting Syrian and Palestinian refugees and refugees living in Jordan’s host community.

The preparation to play in the tournament will include a four-month education, activation and awareness campaign in Arabic on sustainability and its importance for building a better future for communities. This started in January and will culminate when the world cup, GGWCup Amman 2020, is played on April 3.

The grantofDKK1million is awarded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. As part of its grant strategy, the Foundation is awarding grants for social, humanitarian and development aid.

“The power of sport has been seen many times in history, and we look forward to the great impact the Global Goals World Cup can have both in Amman and all of Jordan, when refugee women and girls are invited to take action in their local communities,” says Lars Rebien Sørensen, Chairman of the Board, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

“There is an urgency for action. We all have a responsibility to participate in building a better future for us all, and we must act now. The GGWCup is about leveling the playing field of opportunity and connecting phenomenal women from all walks of life and all corners of the world that share a dream and have a common mission: To leave no one behind. It’s an honor to share the stories of the women in Jordan and the Arab world that are changing their communities and their own lives,” says HRH Princess Lara Faisal.

The Jordanian teams will join a global network of more than 4100 women across five continents. They all link social good with the power of sport and have undertaken more than 22,500 local actions for the Global Goals so far. A total of 72% of the team players agree that they have built a stronger local community, and 69% agree that their actions created positive effects in the community.

“Wherever the tournament takes place around the world, I see women taking on responsibility and answering the call to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. All women who join use the power of being a team and the Goals to find their spark and become the leaders for change in their communities,” says Majken Gilmartin, co-founder of the GGWCup.

By supporting women from all walks of life to learn about and develop their own action towards the Global Goals, GGWCup has nurtured women’s potential to take more active roles in development processes.

About Rise for Good

Rise for Good’s purpose is to mobilize and support individuals and organizations to take actions that ensure positive outcomes for community, for society and for the natural environment in which we live. Our mission is to change behavior by investing in values and identifying the passion and purpose that fuels human potential.

We create, identify, and foster local and global initiatives in Jordan and the Arab world that both directly and indirectly promote universal human values among youth, among corporations and businesses, within the school systems and within the public and private institutions. Rise for Good believes there is no greater value than “doing good” and that education in values is a key ingredient for changing behavior for good.

About the GGWCup

GGWCup is an open women’s activist football tournament designed for women to expand the scope of a conventional sport event. We are comfortable at the intersection between sport, art, culture and activism. Our vision is to merge true global citizenship with the game of football.

Guided by the United Nations Global Goals, we invite women from all walks of life onto the field to play and advocate for the Global Goal that is most invigorating for them, for their families and for their community. The all-women teams qualify to play in our world cup by advocating for one of the 17 Global Goals and showcase concrete ideas and examples on how they will undertake their action and achieve impact.

In a GGWCup tournament, it is not about being the best teams in the world. It is being the best teams for the world. Read more at GGWCup.


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