Novo Nordisk Foundation supports emergency action in Afghanistan

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports emergency action in Afghanistan

20 Aug 2021

Due to the escalating conflict in Afghanistan, the security situation in the country is deteriorating rapidly and Afghanistan is now facing a major humanitarian and displacement crisis with especially the security of women and children being under threat.

The increased insecurity has prompted the displacement of approximately 550,000 people within Afghanistan this year alone and 390,000 people since 3 May. It is expected that these numbers will increase dramatically over the next weeks and months.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is therefore awarding a grant of DKK 2 million to UNICEF for an emergency action in Afghanistan. The action will focus on protection and basic needs of internally displaced children and other vulnerable children. The assistance may include emergency medical kits, school-in-a-box kits and emergency food supplies, but UNICEF is still assessing the needs of and access to children in need.

“The situation in Afghanistan is rapidly turning into a humanitarian disaster with thousands of families forced to flee their homes in search of safety. The children are especially at risk under such circumstances. With this grant, we wish to contribute to UNICEF’s efforts of providing displaced children and other vulnerable children and families with protection, health, and education,” says Mette Ide Davidsen, Interim Head of Department, Social & Humanitarian, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

In addition, Novo Nordisk A/S has also approved a donation of DKK 1 million for UNICEF’s emergency action in Afghanistan.

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