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Novo Nordisk Foundation supports the establishment of a national elite sports centre

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant of DKK 100 million (€13 million) to boost Denmark’s competitiveness in international elite sports and create new knowledge on physical activity that can also benefit the general public. Photo: Lars Møller.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant to Team Danmark for establishing the Nationalt Elitesport Center, focusing on research, innovation and training in elite sports.

The aim is to provide knowledge that can support and improve the opportunities for elite athletes in Denmark to deliver world-class performances.

The Center will also strengthen the research communities that focus on sports and physical activity, enabling them to conduct research on elite sports and to transfer the knowledge obtained to other population groups. The knowledge within elite sports about, for example, treating injuries, prevention and nutrition is often pioneering and relevant for many members of the general public for whom sports and exercise are increasingly important.

Frank Jensen, Chair, Team Danmark, says: “This is excellent news for Danish elite sports. Together with the Novo Nordisk Foundation, we are heading in a new direction that provides Team Danmark with the opportunity to put even more resources into developing knowledge that will give Danish athletes the opportunity to deliver world-class results. We thank the Foundation for being part of developing the knowledge base that will lead Danish elite sports into the future.”

Lars Rebien Sørensen, Chair of the Board of Directors, Novo Nordisk Foundation, says: “Our ambition is to support Danes in thriving and being healthy by contributing to developing new knowledge that will benefit both elite athletes and the many Danes who participate in sports. We are looking forward to following this work in the coming years.”

The Foundation’s grant of DKK 100 million is divided into two parts.

  • DKK 50 million is allocated for establishing a research programme that will provide unique access to elite athletes, national coaches and elite sports environments throughout Denmark and will be led by an international expert in elite sports research.
  • DKK 50 million is allocated for establishing ultra-modern facilities that will be used in connection with the sports research, including a high-altitude hotel, a climate chamber and other training facilities with equipment that enables researchers to monitor the performance of athletes during training and recovery. The grant for these specialized facilities has been awarded on the condition that Team Danmark has received other funding support by 2020 to establish a building that can accommodate the specialized facilities.

Team Danmark is currently developing a national infrastructure for elite sports in which local and regional elite and talent environments are linked to, among other things, knowledge and research communities in Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen. The grant from the Foundation will play an important role in this.

Read more news from Team Danmark here (in Danish).

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