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ScienceNews – now as a free magazine!

100 amazing science articles - free download

Two years ago, the Novo Nordisk Foundation decided to present some of the exciting stories behind the latest research that we have supported at universities and hospitals in Denmark. As a result we set up a website, ScienceNews, and started posting these stories in both Danish and English. We quickly found that there is great interest in reading them – both in Denmark and abroad.

Now we have gathered a selection of our research stories from 2018-2019, given them a fresh layout and offer them to you as a free download. Immerse yourself in the world of science and get up to speed with the latest research on combating cancer, infections and brain diseases. Familiarize yourself with the latest technological advances and improved treatments. Read about how genes, exercise, diet and the environment interact and affect both our own and our children’s future health.

You do not need to browse very far in this publication to discover how fascinating and  diverse current research is. The stories range from practical studies of new treatments for cancer or heart disease to basic research, the results of which can potentially improve people’s lives and the sustainability of society.

We hope that these stories provide an insight into researchers’ incredible level of commitment and give you a sense of how their quest for understanding the marvellous world of science and the human body can often be a long-term struggle. This commitment is driven by a desire to make a difference for people and societies around the world.

Download here – enjoy!