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To all recipients of grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Within a very short time, the Coronavirus crisis has had a serious impact on all our lives. For some of the Foundation’s grant recipients, it may have meant a changing of plans and priorities in relation to a project for which a grant has been awarded. Therefore, and to address the uncertainty that all this may give rise to, we would like to inform you of where the Novo Nordisk Foundation stands under these changed circumstances.

To begin with, we would like to reassure our grant recipients that the Foundation will be able to honour the payout plans that we have agreed on with our many grant recipients, both for 2020 and in the coming years. The Novo Nordisk Foundation’s liquidity and financial position remains robust.

We would also like to reassure our future grant recipients that, this year, our plan is to continue pursuing the ambition that has previously been announced for our awarding of grants and payouts. This means that open calls and other activities that have already been announced will be carried out as planned, even though in some cases, we have had to postpone application deadlines for a couple of weeks to accommodate applicants who are affected by the work situation. To stay updated, please consult the section on grants in open competition at our website:

The Novo Nordisk Foundation currently has around 1,400 active grants, and for some of these, the COVID-19 lockdown – in Denmark as well as abroad – may have had unforeseen consequences. Meetings, events, travel and other activities may have been postponed, changed or altogether cancelled, which could potentially impact agreements and plans on which a Foundation grant is conditioned. The Novo Nordisk Foundation intends to be accommodating in relation to changes to timelines and project plans due to the Corona crisis. Likewise, we will continue to pay for salaries and other expenses that must be covered during the lockdown period, for grants where such expenses are included.

If you are in doubt about your situation in relation to a grant, you are welcome to contact us. Please reach out to the contact person at the Foundation who is associated with your grant. As always, we are happy to help you with your queries.

We hope that, by working together, we will be able to tackle in the best possible way any challenges facing your project due to the Corona crisis.


Kind regards,

Birgitte Nauntofte and Niels Peder Nielsen