Novo Nordisk Foundation Nature-based Educator Prize

Inspirational ealy-childhood education

The Prize is aimed at committed and talented early-childhood educators working in childcare centres in Denmark with planned learning topics focusing on nature, outdoor life and science.

The Prize recognizes and publicizes extraordinary efforts in early-childhood education that provide children a positive experience of nature, numbers and science.

The Prize is awarded annually and is divided into two prizes: one for eastern Denmark and one for western Denmark. Each prize is DKK 100,000, divided into a personal award of DKK 50,000 and DKK 50,000 for the childcare centre. The award given to the childcare centre is to be used for developing early-childhood education with the planned learning topics, such as acquiring equipment for technical or nature experiments, upgrading classrooms and outdoor areas or continuing education.

The Prize is awarded to an early-childhood educator based on the nomination of the manager of the childcare centre. The children, parents and colleagues may suggest a candidate to the manager, who makes the nomination using the link under the application details above. One or more educators and teams of up to three early-childhood educators from the same childcare centre may be nominated. If the Prize is awarded to a team, the team members share the personal award amount. Candidates who have not previously received the prize may be re-nominated, but educators from the same childcare centre are not eligible to receive the Prize in the 4 years after a Prize is awarded to that childcare centre.

Committee on The Novo Nordisk Foundation Teaching Prizes selects the successful nominees for the Prize.

The Prize will be awarded at the Prize recipient’s childcare centre.

Nominate a candidate for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Nature-based Educator Prize

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Previous recipients

The Foundation provides DKK 200,000 annually to fund two early-childhood educator prizes in Denmark.
Committee on The Novo Nordisk Foundation Teaching Prizes
Additional information

Charlotte Drusebjerg
+45 3527 6565

Application Info

Nominate a candidate for the Prize

Managers of Danish childcare centres may nominate candidates for the Prize.

Deadline for nomination is 6 December 2019 at 12 o’clock.

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