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Danish Diabetes Academy

The Academy's overall aim is to generate new knowledge on diabetes and new ways of treating and preventing it.


Rikke Ørtved
Senior Project Lead, Medical Science, Novo Nordisk Foundation


In search of a cure

Diabetes is a chronic disease, and the prevalence is constantly increasing in Denmark and elsewhere. An estimated 425 million people have diabetes globally.

The Academy aims to improve the quality of diabetes research in Denmark and to provide an overall view of diabetes research in the country. The Academy attracts the best researchers from Denmark and elsewhere and creates a collaborative culture of networking and knowledge-sharing between the participating researchers. The Academy also aims to ensure the future of diabetes research by offering several new research positions and schemes targeting young talented researchers, who will achieve optimal opportunities to improve their capabilities and pursue a career within this field.

The Academy’s overall aim is to generate new knowledge on diabetes and new ways of treating and preventing it.

Platform for collaboration

The core of the Academy is the secretariat located at Odense University Hospital, which is hosting the Academy, but the participating researchers are employed at various universities and hospitals throughout Denmark. One of the main tasks of the administration is to create a platform for collaboration between researchers through such means as courses and conferences. The Academy is open to all diabetes researchers in Denmark and elsewhere who wish to accept the Academy’s offerings. The vision is that this collaboration across faculties and frontiers will create a synergy effect that will strengthen research in Denmark and globally.

The Academy is a spin-off of another initiative supported by the Foundation: the Danish PhD School of Molecular Metabolism, which offers PhD scholarships for research on such subjects as diabetes and obesity. The Foundation has awarded grants to the School of DKK 13.5 million (2008–2010) and DKK 25 million (2010–2013).

In 2012, the Foundation awarded a grant of DKK 201 million (€26.9 million) over 5 years to Odense University Hospital to establish the Academy. In 2017, the Foundation awarded an additional grant of DKK 156 million to the Academy.