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Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA)

The Academy's purpose is to strengthen the quality of Danish diabetes and endocrine research and research education.


Rikke Ørtved
Senior Project Lead, Medical Science, Novo Nordisk Foundation


In search of a cure

Diabetes and most endocrine diseases are chronic diseases, and the prevalence is constantly increasing in Denmark and elsewhere. The Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy’s vision is to promote world-class research to improve the prevention and treatment of diabetes and endocrine diseases.

The Academy’s mission is to foster early-career research talent in diabetes and endocrinology. To achieve this, the Academy has devised a multi-pronged strategy to carry out activities that together will generate a set of impactful outputs and outcomes. Thus, the Academy offers four types of key activities:

  • Education and talent development events for early-career researchers
  • Networking and national as well as international collaborations across research fields with academia, hospitals, the life science industry and NGOs
  • Grants for PhDs, Postdocs and visiting professors
  • Communication and outreach

Across these activity areas, DDEA will apply four strategic themes: i) digitalisation and new technologies; ii) public involvement and outreach; iii) strategic partnerships; and iv) translational research.

Platform for collaboration

Hosting the Academy is Odense University Hospital, where the secretariat is anchored, but the participating researchers are employed at various universities and hospitals throughout Denmark. One of the main tasks of the administration is to create a platform for collaboration between researchers, e.g. through education and networking activities. The Academy is open to all diabetes and endocrine researchers in Denmark and elsewhere who wish to make use of the Academy’s offerings. The vision is that this collaboration across faculties, sectors and frontiers will create synergies that strengthen research in Denmark and globally.

The Academy is a further development of the Danish Diabetes Academy, which the Foundation has supported for 10 years (2012-2022).

Read more about the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy here

Network of academies

The Foundation has also supported the Danish Cardiovascular Academy and the Danish Data Science Academy. All three academies’ missions are to foster early-career research talent through education and talent development, networking and collaboration. Each of the academies support more than 100 PhD and Postdoc grants.