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Danish Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will contribute to solving big societal challenges

The Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the first of several Pioneer Centres in Denmark. The centres are a national initiative with the purpose of conducting fundamental research at the highest international level, with a focus on solving some of society’s major challenges. The centres are funded in collaboration between Danish National Research Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, VILLUM FONDEN and the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The Pioneer Centre for AI was established in March 2022 and is based at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. The other universities involved with the Centre are the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the IT University of Copenhagen, Aalborg University and Aarhus University. The ambition of the Centre is to create societal impact through the application of artificial intelligence in areas such as health and biotech, energy, infrastructure as well as climate and biodiversity.

A total of more than DKK 350 million has been allocated to the Centre over 13 years. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted DKK 54 million of the total amount.

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