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DTU Biosustain

The interdisciplinary research centre uses biotechnology, synthetic biology and data analysis to develop methods for producing a wide range of consumer goods in a greener and cheaper way

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability – or DTU Biosustain – is an international research centre at the Technical University of Denmark. It was founded in 2011 through funds from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and aims to develop new knowledge and technologies to support the transformation from conventional, and often unsustainable, industrial production methods to a sustainable bio-based industry.

Recent progress in our ability to read and write genomic code, combined with advances in automation, analytics and data science, has opened up for the discovery of new solutions regarding sustainable production in biological systems. Utilising these advances, DTU Biosustain conducts interdisciplinary research and works with strategic partners to develop methods for large scale production of sustainable chemicals, natural products and microbial food, using microbial production hosts called cell factories.

Over the years, the activities at DTU Biosustain have resulted in close to 30 spinouts, creating new jobs and contributing to the green transformation of society.

In 2020, the Novo Nordisk Foundation extended its support of the centre, awarding DKK 750 million (EUR 100 million) in funding until end of 2025.

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