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Steno Diabetes Centers – prevention and treatment of diabetes

The aim of the Steno Diabetes Centers is to establish the optimal framework for preventing and treating diabetes and other related diseases. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported the establishment of Steno Diabetes Centers in the five administrative regions in Denmark and in Greenland with grants totalling DKK 7.8 billion.

Project data

Grant amount
DKK 7.8 billion
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Rikke Ørtved
Senior Project Lead, Medical Science, Novo Nordisk Fonden

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports the Steno Diabetes Centers based on the vision of ensuring that people with diabetes live longer with an enhanced quality of life and that fewer people develop diabetes. Through a research-based approach, the Foundation also wants to contribute to making Denmark a global leader in patient-centred treatment of diabetes.

Steno Diabetes Centers have currently been established in the five administrative regions of Denmark and in Greenland, while a Center in the Faroe Islands is in progress. This will put the Steno Diabetes Centers on the map throughout the Danish Realm.

Each Center is based on the specific conditions that apply in each administrative region and in Greenland. The involvement of patients is central to planning the activities and physical framework of the Centers.

The Foundation has awarded grants totalling DKK 7.4 billion to the administrative regions in Denmark for establishing and operating the regional Centers. The Foundation has also awarded grants totalling DKK 382 million for establishing Steno Diabetes Center Greenland (Inuunerissaavik Steno Kalaallit Nunaat) in Nuuk. The grants cover treatment, research, education, cross-sectoral collaboration and the construction of new buildings.

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