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Our food systems account for 30% of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and agriculture causes 80% of the reduction in biodiversity. Today, the way we produce food is already putting a strain on our planet, and with an increasing global population, our current food production methods will place additional pressure on biological systems.

To counteract this trend, we will promote research and innovation that can help us to better understand, control and exploit biological ecosystems in sustainable agricultural production.

Our goals are to:

  • Develop a paradigm for climate-intelligent agriculture that benefits biodiversity and minimises environmental impact
  • Develop and implement methods for cultivating and managing crops that are environmentally friendly, resilient and high-yielding
  • Promote the development of plant breeding and crops that support the green transition in society by combining crop genetics, microbiomes and new technologies
  • Support research and other activities that accelerate the use of sustainable methods in agriculture