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The Novo Nordisk Foundation aims to ensure that the companies in the Novo Group (Novo Holdings A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S and Novozymes (Novonesis A/S)) position themselves as internationally recognized and leading actors in improving how disease is combated and how natural resources are used.

Charter for companies in the Novo Group

Present as well as future companies in the Novo Group must demonstrate willingness, ability and resolve to meet the following criteria:

  • Company products and services make a significant difference in improving the way people live and work.
  • The company is perceived to be an innovator – in technology, in products, in services and/or in market approach.
  • The company is among the best in its business and a challenging place to work.
  • The company delivers competitive financial performance.

Companies in the Novo Group commit to:

  • Value-based management
  • Open and honest dialogue with its stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement of
    • financial performance
    • environmental performance
    • social performance
  • Reporting in accordance with relevant, internationally approved, conventions.