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An historical obligation

Being socially responsible has always been crucial to the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Ever since Nobel Laureate August Krogh returned home from Canada in 1922 with permission to manufacture insulin in Scandinavia, the companies owned by the Foundation have been committed to contributing to society. Thus, part of the profits generated by the sale of insulin have from the outset been allocated to supporting independent research, just as it has always been a central mission to make insulin widely available for people with diabetes. Today, all companies in the Novo Nordisk Foundation Group must adhere to a set of shared values. Among other things, the companies’ products must contribute to improving people’s lives and working conditions. Moreover, the companies must be environmentally and socially responsible and have their own CSR policies in place.

Through its grant-awarding and commercial activities, the Foundation contributes to society by:

  • Promoting excellent research and innovation
  • Fostering the development of talent across different life stages and scientific field
  • Developing new medicines and other clinical aids and interventions
  • Developing patient-centred and research-based care and disease prevention
  • Developing innovative products and solutions supporting sustainable development
  • Helping to develop world-class education
  • Creating jobs and growth
  • Supporting organisations, systems and infrastructure to catalyse knowledge-based societal development
  • Helping people in vulnerable groups