Copenhagen Bioscience Lecture – Stem Cell Research

07 Feb


The Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures are a series of open lectures for all researchers and other interested in and around the Copenhagen area. Every 4 weeks, on a Thursday evening, you are invited for lectures on themes with a general interest for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers and bioscience researchers in general. Often there will be a cross-disciplinary focus.

We are happy to announce Agnete Kirkeby and Kim Jensen as speakers on the topic: stem cell research.

Agnete Kirkeby, Stem cells for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

As the population steadily ages, so does also the prevalence of incurable neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. As the brain cannot repair itself, these diseases leave the patients with a progressive decline of functional neurons. New technologies using human pluripotent stem cells can provide transplantable neuronal progenitors which have the potential to repair the degenerated brain, providing new therapeutic strategies to certain types of neurodegenerative diseases. In this presentation you will hear about how these technologies are already far advanced and reaching clinical trials for Parkinson’s Disease.

Kim Jensen, Intestinal epithelial stem cells

Many tissues in our body are subject to daily wear and tear, and requires constant and life-long replenishment in order to maintain their essential functions. The intestinal epithelium is one of the fastest renewing tissues in our body, and the entire tissue is turned over essentially every 5 days. Intestinal epithelial stem cells are responsible for tissue replenishment. A number of studies have over the last decade revealed how intestinal stem cells are regulated during normal tissue maintenance. Yet, it remains unknown where these stem cells are coming from during development and also how stem cells are regulated following tissue damage. These are some of the unresolved questions related to intestinal epithelial stem cells, I will address in my presentation.


15:45 Welcome and registration (coffee/tea, water available)

16:00 Start of the lecture

17:30 Networking with a drink and a snack

18:30 Thank you for a splendid end of day!



I would like to know about upcoming Copenhagen Bioscience Lectures – where can I find information?

You are very welcome to join the ‘Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers’ Linkedin group. There you will find information about upcoming lectures, and much more. Also, you may want to sign up for the weekly announcement with events and deadlines, sent out by the group manager.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The organiser offers to pay for a taxi on the following conditions: it has to be transport from either Panum/Mærsk Tower or DTU building 220, if you are at least 3 people in a taxi. This is how it works: you arrange yourself for a taxi from Blegdamsvej or from Kemitorvet, find at least 2 other people to take the taxi with, and at arrival at Tuborg Havnevej 19 you ask Sophie to come and pay for the taxi (they’ll check departure address and number of persons in the taxi), as well as to order your taxi back.

If you are by car, you can park for free in front or at the side of Tuborg Havnevej 19. If that is full, there is 3 hours free parking in the parking to the Waterfront shopping mall at the end of the road.

Public transport by train to Hellerup station, and/or bus (1A, 21, 166), nearest by bus stop is Tuborg Boulevard.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact Sophie Labrosse at

How do I cancel my participation?

Please help us respecting our speakers, as well as keeping track of the numbers and optimize lecture and catering to the audience by cancelling as soon as you know that you exceptionally will not be able to make it. You can either cancel through Eventbrite or send an email to Sophie Labrosse (

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, just log in to Eventbrite. Please use this option also in the unlikely event that you need to cancel your registration.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, you do not have to bring your ticket, but registration is mandatory for participation.

Location: Novo Nordisk Fonden, Tuborg Havnevej 19, 2900 Hellerup

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