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Committee on the Novo Nordisk Foundation Teaching Prizes

Committee on The Novo Nordisk Foundation Teaching Prizes implements the decisions of the Board of the Foundation to award the Nature-based Educator Prize, Prize for Primary Science Teachers, Prize for Lower-secondary Science Teachers, Prize for Upper-secondary Science Teachers, Prize for Science Teachers at Teacher Colleges and Prize for Teachers of Early-Childhood Educators . The Novo Nordisk Foundation Teaching Prizes recognize an extraordinary effort among early-childhood educators, primary and lower-secondary schoolteachers, upper-secondary schoolteachers and teachers at teacher colleges.

The institution head, principal, rector or board nominates candidates for the Teacher Prizes, and the Committee evaluates the nominated candidates at its meetings.

The Committee was established in 2018 and consists of five members from Denmark. The Foundation’s Board selects the Chair as well as the other committee members in accordance with the rules for eligibility covering the Foundation’s committees.

The current members of the Committee are listed below.

Nynne Afzelius


Professor and Director, Laboratory for Coherent Learning and Education (LSUL), University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Has been a member since 2018.

Marianne Johansson


Associate Professor, Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium
Awarded the Novo Nordisk Foundation Price for Upper-secondary Science Teachers 2018.
Has been a member since 2019.

Helle Houkjær


Primary and Lower-secondary Schoolteacher, Krogårdskolen
Awarded the Novo Nordisk Foundation Price for Lover-secondary Science Teachers 2016.
Has been a member since 2019.

Linda Ahrenkiel


Assistant Professor, UCL University College
Has been a member since 2021.

Claus Auning


Lector, UC Syd
Has been a member since 2023.