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Novonesis Biotechnology Prize 2025

Call opens
6 May 2024
Call closes
14 August 2024 4:00pm (CET)
Announcement of results
April 2025
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Call for Nominations – The Novonesis Biotechnology Prize

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is pleased to announce the annual call for nominations for The Novonesis Biotechnology Prize.  The purpose of the Prize is to raise awareness of basic and applied biotechnology research.

The Novonesis Biotechnology Prize is awarded to recognize outstanding European research or technology achievements that contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable biotechnology solutions for the benefit of people and the planet.

The Novonesis Biotechnology Prize consists of a funding amount for the awardee’s research (DKK 4.5 million) and a personal award (DKK 0.5 million). An additional an international symposium within the awardee’s field of research will be organised.

Nomination form: here


  • Nominees must have made an important contribution to European Science in areas of relevance to e.g. biomanufacturing, industrial, environmental, food or plant biotechnology.
  • Nominees must have a current position and an active research program at a public or non-profit research institution in a European country.
  • Nominees can have any nationality.


  • The prize is not awarded for a life-time achievement contribution to science.
  • The prize may not be awarded to members of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Board or committee members or to Board members, directors or employees of the Novo Group.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted

The Novonesis Biotechnology Prize will be awarded by a prize committee that will select awardees based on their scientific achievements after a confidential nomination and review process.

With this  Call for Nominations, the committee seeks the assistance of the scientific community in identifying the most worthy candidates for the Prize. Please support the further establishment of this Prize by  nominating  a scientist who has had a major impact on the development of biotechnology for innovative solutions.

Read more about the awardee 2024, Professor Jack Pronk.

See previous awardees below, and in Novonesis Biotechnology Prize.

The Novonesis Biotechnology Prize awardee will be announced in April 2025.


About the grants


5 Million DKK



Research area focus

Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine, Biotechnology-based Synthesis and Production


Committee on the Novonesis Biotechnology Prize


For grant inquiries
Pernille Julø Risegaard
Senior Manager, PA
+45 3527 6603 [email protected]
Henning Jørgensen
Senior Scientific Manager, PhD
+45 3029 8468 [email protected]

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