Apply for grants
Which areas does the Foundation support?

The Foundation supports a wide range of funding areas ranging from biomedicine and health sciences, education & outreach, biotechnology, natural and technical sciences to art research. You can get an overview of our funding areas here.

How can I get technical assistance in connection with my application?

For any technical issues in our application system, NORMA, please contact [email protected]

Who evaluates my application?

The Novo Nordisk Foundation generally uses committees consisting of international experts who evaluate the applications. For some evaluations, internal committees and external peer review are also used. You can see which committee is going to evaluate your application in the call guidelines. An overview of the Foundation’s committees and their members can be found here.

When and how will I receive notification on the evaluation of my application?

The evaluation time may vary dependent on number and scope of applications of a given round. An approximate notification date is given in the call guidelines. You will receive an e-mail with the result.

Will I receive feedback on my application?

Unfortunately, no. The Foundation does not currently have the capacity to give individual feedback for all applications.

How many applications receive funding?

This may vary depending on the funding area, grant type and number and quality of the applications. The average success rate across the Foundation is approximately 20%.

Does the Novo Nordisk Foundation consider diversity (for example gender balance) when evaluating applications?

Yes, the Novo Nordisk Foundation adheres to a Diversity Policy with regards to internal governance, committee composition and application evaluation. Please visit the Novo Nordisk Foundation Diversity Policy to learn more.

Can I see which grants and grantees the Novo Nordisk Foundation has funded?

Yes, all grants awarded, including the name of the main applicant and grantee, location, application title, awarded amount and year of funding, are listed on the Novo Nordisk Foundation homepage. Please visit the Grant Recipient list.

How do I get in touch with the Novo Nordisk Foundation?

You can find contact details for the call-responsible grant manager in the call guidelines and a list of all employees under ‘Organization’ on our website.

How do I calculate my salary in the budget?

If the call allows for funding of salary, you should always calculate your salary in collaboration with your administrating host institution to make sure that the salary is in line with the institution’s salary scale, including social costs, vacation, pensions etc.

Can I apply for overhead costs in the budget?

No, the Novo Nordisk Foundation does not cover any overhead costs.

What does NNF consider as overhead costs?

Expenses that are not directly linked to the project applied for.

What are direct administrative expenses?

Expenses that are directly related to the applied-for project, such as costs towards accounting, payment of salaries, purchasing, hiring, financial reporting and auditing on the project. You may allocate 5% of the budget as direct administrative expenses. Note that the 5% must be included in the total budget of the grant application.

How do I calculate the 5% direct administrative expenses?

If you apply for DKK 100,000, then 5% = DKK 5,000 of this amount can be allocated for direct administrative expenses and the remaining DKK 95,000 for the project, giving a total of DKK 100,000.

Can I apply for a bench fee in the budget?

Yes, if bench fees are part of the general expenses policy of the administrating host institution, and this can be documented.

How should I detail bench fees in the budget?

For each individual researcher, the number of months per year multiplied by the monthly amount should be detailed.

If I receive a grant, am I going to report on the activities and results of the grant?

Yes, the Foundation monitors activities and results through a digital reporting system. The reporting systems used are researchfish® and FoundGood. You can find more information on how to use the reporting systems here.

If I receive a grant, when and how do I report on the financial aspects of my grant?

The level and extent of financial reporting depends on the individual grant type. Information on when and how to submit financial reports will be found in our online application system (NORMA) and in the grant agreement.