Apply for grants

According to the Foundation’s General Terms & Conditions, all grant recipients must comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, standards and ethical norms.

In addition, the Foundation has developed and applied certain rules and policies specific for open competition grants. These are applicable for applicants, committee members and all other stakeholders involved in open competition grant processes:

Code of Conduct
A set of principles that describe the conduct we expect from our employees, our Boards of Directors, members of our expert committees, the people funded by our grants and other people and organizations that collaborate with the Foundation.

Diversity Policy
The Novo Nordisk Foundation diversity principles in grant awarding.

Rules for Eligibility
Rules for who is ineligible to apply for or receive grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and rules for how committee members must identify and manage any potential conflict of interest when evaluating applications.

Committee guidelines
The guiding principles that committee members must act under when evaluating applications for the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Standards for Good Research Practice
All the researchers we fund must comply with the highest standards of research practice and integrity.

Privacy Policy
The Novo Nordisk Foundation is committed to safeguarding your personal information according to the data protection law.

Cost covered
Research funding and costs covered by Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants

Data Ethics
The Novo Nordisk Foundation complies with both Danish and EU law on data and privacy protection.