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Challenge Programme 2016

For the application round of 2016, the Challenge Programme sought to support outstanding research collaborations working within one of two selected themes. Up to DKK 360 million was awarded for grants of up to DKK 60 million each.

Theme 1: Antibiotic resistance and/or alternative antibiotics

The theme is specifically focused on antibacterial research, and does not include research into resistance and resistance mechanisms of parasites, fungi and viruses. Examples within this theme include:

  • Identification and testing of novel compounds with antibacterial effects, e.g., using screening of chemical libraries, natural products or through other means.
  • Identification and characterisation of drug resistance and sensitivity mechanisms, e.g., through sequencing or molecular and structural characterisation of key molecules, signalling mechanisms or resistant bacterial strains.
  • Improvement of the efficacy and safety of existing antibacterial compounds.
  • Development and adaptation of new diagnostic tools that enable a more rapid identification of bacterial strains in a clinical setting.

Theme 2: Oral drug-delivery of biopharmaceuticals

Examples within this theme include:

  • Formulation technologies.
  • Protein engineering (e.g., engineering therapeutic proteins to withstand gut enzymes).
  • Physiological transport mechanisms in the gastrointestinal system.
  • Nanoscale drug delivery systems (e.g., using liposomes or nanoparticles to encapsulate and transport drug molecules).
  • Targeted drug delivery (targeting specific tissues or organs).

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