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Challenge Programme 2020

For the application round of 2020, the Challenge Programme sought to support outstanding research collaborations working within one of four selected themes. Up to DKK 480 million was awarded for grants of up to DKK 60 million each.

Theme 1: Neurodegenerative diseases in an aging population

The specific challenge of this theme is to understand the mechanisms behind the deterioration and death of neurons to improve diagnosis and treatment of dementia with specific emphasis on the role of metabolism.

Theme 2: Quantum simulators for unravelling complex processes in nature

The specific challenge of this theme is to develop efficient quantum simulators that demonstrate supremacy for simulation of selected problems in biology, physics and/or chemistry, thereby solving problems that a classical computer practically cannot.

Theme 3: Biodiversity & productivity of managed ecosystems

A basic parameter in the productivity and resilience of an ecosystem is its biodiversity. The specific challenge of this theme is to understand how the diversity of ecosystems impacts their productivity, and how in agriculture and forestry the biodiversity can be maintained while at the same time deliver food, materials and energy. 

Theme 4: The microbial secretome and the plant cell wall

The specific challenge of this theme is to link the fungal secretome to the structure of full plant cell wall substrates in a time dependent manner: how do the fungi sense the cell wall structures and alter the enzymes that are secreted, what are the chemical and physical cell wall structures of relevance, and what are the implications for the biochemical mechanisms of plant cell wall degradation? 

For information about the grant recipients, please read our press release or read about the projects in our overview of grant recipients.