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Prevention is key to combatting diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Our ambition is to strengthen the prevention of cardiometabolic disease through research and evidence-based initiatives.

We want to promote an individualised approach in which prevention and treatment strategies are based on each person’s individual situation.

Our goals are to:

  • Strengthen research-based understanding of disease mechanisms and prevention
  • Promote, develop and facilitate access to and the use of data
  • Strengthen the understanding of the importance of prevention initiatives in society generally and among decision-makers

Projects and initiatives we have supported

Preventing cardiometabolic disease

Lighthouse Consortium on Obesity Management (LightCOM)

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Genomic Mechanisms of Disease

With a USD 47.5 million commitment over a five-year period, the Foundation has supported the establishment of a new centre for genomic research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Boston (US).

Centre for Childhood Health

In 2020, the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded a grant towards the establishment of a new entity in the Foundation, with the main task of developing a new centre focusing on healthy weight for children.

Strengthened effort targeted diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases in Greenland

A new ambitious initiative aims to ensure that people with diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases can be offered research-based treatment and prevention of the highest quality, regardless of where they live in Greenland.

Health nurses’ prevention of obesity from infancy

The initiatives seek to support and guide new parents in matters of early risk factors for child obesity and mental health problems. 

Strategic partnership to fight noncommunicable diseases in Tanzania

The project seeks to improve access to treatment, as well as enhance disease prevention and health education, of non-communicable diseases in Tanzania.

Research Leader Programme

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Leader Programme aims to ensure that excellent research leaders have the opportunity to pursue ambitious and innovative projects.

Steno Diabetes Centers – prevention and treatment of diabetes

The aim of the Steno Diabetes Centers is to establish the optimal framework for preventing and treating diabetes and other related diseases. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported the establishment of Steno Diabetes Centers in the five administrative regions in Denmark and in Greenland with grants totalling DKK 7.8 billion.