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Challenge Workshop 2022

25. august 2021


On Wednesday, 25 August 2021 the Novo Nordisk Foundation will host a workshop with the aim of bringing together the research community for an exciting day of knowledge sharing and networking, with the ambition to facilitate research partnerships and lay the seeds for realising creative solutions and new technologies within the 2022 Challenge theme:

Energy harvesting, transforming, or storage materials with potential use for bioelectronic devices – enabling next generation wearable or implantable health technologies.

At the workshop there will be exciting invited and contributed talks as well as a poster session and participants can enjoy nice food and networking.

Find the exciting programme here.

Workshop venue:
Novo Nordisk Foundation – Tuborg Havnevej 19 – 2900 Hellerup

2022 Challenge: Energy Materials with Biological Applications
With the overall aim of enabling novel applications within the life- or biosciences, the challenge is to design, model, synthesize, and/or characterize novel bio-compatible energy materials. The focus is on energy harvesting, transforming, or storage materials with potential application for health-tech wearables, implantable devices, or other bioelectronic applications. The research should also address biocompatibility and potential toxicological or mechanically adverse effects. Non-excluding examples of research include:

  • Material research for bio-compatible energy materials for harvesting, transforming, or storage systems with potential use in bioelectronics devices.
  • Material research for developing soft bioelectronic interfaces or biomimetic flexible materials.
  • Applications in health wearables or implantable devices, including powering of bioelectronic sensors.
  • Computationally driven bio-energy-materials development and modelling using artificial intelligence
  • Tilmeldingsfrist
    24. august 2021
  • Lokation
    Tuborg Havnevej 19 - 2900 Hellerup