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Conference: Protein Signaling – in space and time

27. november 2023 - 1. december 2023


This conferences aims to provide a forum for researchers, including molecular biologists, biochemists, geneticists, computational biologists, and clinicians to share their latest findings in protein design, signaling, and genome maintenance. The goal of the meeting is to bridge fundamental discoveries to clinical-relevant applications and inspire new collaborations and partnerships to advance our understanding of protein-driven mechanisms in development and disease.

Our conferences has no application fees – registration is free.

Our conferences has no application fees – registration is free.


Please note that the Novo Nordisk Foundation Science Cluster Conferences offers exclusive opportunities to network in an intimate setting with a carefully selected, limited body of participants. Allocation of seats at this conference takes place through a selection process through which our Scientific Committee chooses the best candidates for the conference. If you get accepted for the conference, your participation (excluding travels) is covered by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. We expect all participants and speakers to actively take part in the full duration of the conference.

The call is now open:

If you wish to attend our conference, you will need to apply and submit an abstract* in our application system: Oxford Abstracts

  • If you have not used the system before, click REGISTER to create an account.
  • You will then receive a mail with which you can login.
  • When you have logged in, you can apply to the conference under the name: Protein Signaling – in space and time
  • Please fill out applicant info and abstract.


*If you are from industry or if, for another reason, it does not make sense for you to submit an abstract, you can apply with a motivation instead. Our scientific committee will evaluate your relevance for the conference based on your motivation.

All accepted participants will be expected to present a poster at the conference.


Abstract submission: the application deadline is 1 September, 2023

Late-Breaking Deadline: Tuesday, 5th September, 23:59 CET

Evaluation of incoming applications: September

Notifications to applicants: Ultimo September

SHORT TALKS: Some applicants will be invited to give a short talk during the conference based on their submitted abstract. Selected applicants will be notified in the fall of 2023.

Registration fee, accommodation and local costs for all approved applicants are covered by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Only travel expenses to and from the conference venue will be at your own expense.

For more practical details about the conferences, please click here.



Daniel Gerlich

Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, AT

Eva Hoffmann

University of Copenhagen, DK

Rong Fan

Yale University, US

Jesper V. Olsen

University of Copenhagen, DK

Tom Muir

Princeton University, US

Jan Löwe

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

Kathryn Lilley

University of Cambridge, UK

Mikhail Savitsky

European Molecular Biology Laboratory, DE

Ivan Ahel

University of Oxford, UK

Nicholas Thomä

Freidrich Miescher Institute for Biodeical Research, CH

Pedro Beltrao

Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, CH

Drew Berry

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, AU

Michiel Vermeulen

Radboud University, NL

Elizabeth Wright

University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

Donald Hilvert

Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, CH

Francesca Ciccarelli

King’s College London, UK

Morten Meldal

University of Copenhagen, DK

Guillermo Montoya

University of Copenhagen, DK

Giacomo Cavalli

CNRS and University of Montpellier, FR

  • Dato
    17:30 - 09:00
  • Tilmeldingsfrist
    1. december 2023
  • Hvem kan deltage
    Open for applications
  • Type
  • Contact person
    Johan Jansen
    [email protected]