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Future of Precision Medicine Symposium 2021

23. november 2021

The discovery of insulin 100 years ago was a true breakthrough and lifesaver in the treatment of people with diabetes. However, despite being around for a century, insulin and other means of treatment, often deployed in a one-size-fits-all manner, still fail to take most people to a level of control that normalizes morbidity and mortality. Precision medicine, the tailoring of disease prevention and treatment strategies based on an individual’s genetics and other biomarkers, lifestyle and environment, aims at doing just that, by helping optimise medical decisions. 

This two-day symposium on the future of precision medicine will feature lectures and panel discussions on precision diagnostics, precision prevention, pediatric precision medicine, clinical implementation, health disparities, the power of big data, patient perspectives, and policy and implementation, with a focus on the opportunities and barriers for the implementation of precision medicine in research and practice.  

The symposium will also celebrate the winner of the EFSD and Novo Nordisk Foundation Precision Diabetes Medicine Award. The award honours innovative research in both clinical and basic science that are likely to minimise the future burden of diabetes and other chronic disease. 

Click here to view the programme. Changes to the program on 23 November will be announced in the live steam chat.

Online symposium
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Short biographies
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For attendees registered to attend the in-person symposium
Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Denmark, it is mandatory for external guests to the Novo Nordisk Foundation to show evidence of vaccination by one of the vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Authority (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca), or to have a valid PCR test not older than 96 hours or a quick test not older than 72 hours to attend the symposium. Therefore, CoronaPasses will be checked on arrival on both Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd. You can show your Danish Coronapas or equivalent vaccination certificate from your country of residence.

Location: Novo Nordisk Fonden, Tuborg Havnevej 19, DK-2900 Hellerup

There is very limited parking in front of the Foundation. If you use these spaces you must register at the reception to avoid getting a parking ticket. We recommend you to use the parking option under the Waterfront Mall (paid parking).

For attendees who have registered for the symposium dinner, it will be held at Langelinie Pavillonen, Langelinie 10, 2100 København. Transportation will be provided from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to Langelinie Pavillonen.

The waiting list for in-person seats is now closed. It is no longer necessary to register for online attendance. The live steam can be accessed via the link above. 

Contact person: Charlotte Hinge, [email protected]  

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    24. november 2021
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    Virtual or in-person attendance Hellerup/Denmark