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Lecture: Innovative Frontrunners – How the Novo Nordisk Foundation Distinguished Innovators drive changes in life science

5. oktober 2023

Join us for a lecture about challenges and opportunities in Life Science innovation and entrepreneurship, and how Distinguished Innovators are contributing to driving change in the field.

Jan Terje Andersen, Oslo University Hospital

Received a grant in 2022 for exploring novel and innovative ways to design antibodies to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Jan Terje Andersen’s research will leverage his extensive knowledge on designing antibodies to develop new types that can effectively kill these bacteria. The same type of approach can also be used to develop antibodies that combat cancer. Jan Terje Andersen will use advanced biotechnology, cell experiments and studies of mice with the aim of transforming groundbreaking research into tailored new antibodies.


Irina Borodina, Professor, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, DTU

Received the Distinguished Innovation Grant in 2021 for a journey from basic research over spinout to sale of her company for DKK 1.4 billion.


Filipe Pereira, Professor, Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene
Therapy, Lund University, Sweden,

Received the Distinguished Innovation grant in 2023 to develop immunotherapy to be able to cure not just cancer but many more diseases. The purpose of the grant is to further develop a platform to screen single cells to thereby improve understanding of how various immune cells are activated.

  • Dato
    16:00 - 17:30
  • Tilmeldingsfrist
    4. oktober 2023
  • Hvem kan deltage
    Open to all
  • Lokation
    Novo Nordisk Foundation
    Tuborg Havnevej 19 2900 Hellerup
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  • Contact person
    Johan Jansen
    [email protected]