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Networking at Beautiful Favrholm

The blend of inspirational setting and interactive conference sessions at Favrholm creates an atmosphere of confidence and inspires future collaborations.

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In one sense, Favrholm is like any other conference centre with WiFi, meeting rooms and a large lecture hall.

In another sense, the venue of the Copenhagen Bioscience Conferences is a one-off.

Situated 30 km north of Copenhagen in a tranquil rural setting, Favrholm combines new and old. The conference venue is a modernised manor farm with a history dating back more than 500 years. Kings and courtiers, government officials, researchers and thinkers have all left their mark on this timeless place.

Today, Favrholm is a protected landmark and great care was taken to honour and preserve the original farmhouse when the site was renovated and extended to provide conference facilities in 2011. Natural light streams into the conference rooms through panoramic windows that overlook a lake rich in bird life framed by cattle grazing in the surrounding fields.

“The location is amazing. The place itself makes you think a lot,” said Bhargav Saligram, a participant at the latest conference.

Plenty of smaller rooms and retreats offer an intimate atmosphere designed to inspire and enhance creativity, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Another former participant, Brenda Schulman said: “I think everybody is relaxed and telling each other results. People feel free to interact in such a setting, and I think that is another reason to come here.”


Round table discussions.

Poster session.

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