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Strengthening the general interest, knowledge, competencies and ambitions within the natural and technical sciences is important to ensure a strong life science ecosystem in Denmark in the future. We do this through education and outreach.

Our goals are to:

  • Support research in early learning and education in science
  • Contribute to excellent teaching and learning in health and the natural and technical sciences – in childcare centres, primary and secondary schools and higher education
  • Motivate children and young people from all backgrounds to pursue vocational or academic education in the life sciences
  • Facilitate public debate and informal learning activities to promote public participation and democratic citizenship

Projects and initiatives we have supported

Education and science capital

Helix Lab – education and research centre in Kalundborg

The Helix Lab Research and Education Center in Kalundborg aims to attract MSc students from universities in Denmark and abroad. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded grants totalling DKK 65 million to the Helix Lab over a 5-year project period.


The nationwide science education initiative will receive up to DKK 1.9 billion from the Novo Nordisk Foundation over a ten-year period.

Science Academy NAFA

Developing competencies and research on science education at primary and lower-secondary schools in Denmark.

CBS-BIO – Master’s programme in bioentrepreneurship

A two-year MSc programme that combines courses in biotechnology with innovation and commercialization courses, in collaboration between three Danish universities and key actors from the life science industry.

Videnskabsklubben – research as a leisure activity

Videnskabsklubben (The Science Club) is a free-of-charge leisure initiative enabling children in grades 4–6 to study the natural sciences in the same way as children participating in football, scouts and riding lessons.

Copenhagen Honours College

Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported the development of two talent programmes at University College Copenhagen: Copenhagen Honours College Science Teacher and Copenhagen Honours College in Nursing.

Science Talent Academy

ScienceTalents seeks to strengthen the education chain by developing a new study programme. We want to establish active collaboration with upper-secondary schools, companies, research centres and universities working together to inspire and engage talented young students. Doing this will provide the impetus for them to continue improving their scientific skills. Nynne Afzelius, Talent Manager - Sciencetalents

Krible Krable – getting the youngest children interested in nature

The Danish Rangers’ Association project, Krible Krable, aims to provide children in day-care institutions and schools with improved opportunities to get outside and explore nature for themselves.