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Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme 2024

Call opens
8 March 2024
Call closes
29 May 2024 2:00pm (CET)
Announcement of results
End of December 2024
Recurring calls
Expected in March 2025
Application guidelines


Many scientific challenges that have large implications for health and sustainability can only be addressed through interdisciplinary efforts. With the Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme, NNF seeks to strengthen the synergy between researchers, across disciplines, organisations, and national borders. The goals of the Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme are to:

  • Enable creative, novel, high-risk/high-gain interdisciplinary research
  • Provide long-term support of interdisciplinary collaborations and research ideas
  • Stimulate emerging research that spans across scientific disciplines and techniques
  • Break down or overcome the barriers that hamper collaboration across disciplines
  • Strengthen Danish research through internationalisation

The Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme is designed to fund the exploration of novel research areas that demonstrate the potential to have a high level of impact, i.e. high risk/high-gain. Specifically, this programme aims to support fundamental research between technology readiness levels (TRL) 1 and 2, as defined by the European Commission. Opportunities for projects that have experimentally demonstrated proof of concept (TRL 3+) are available in other NNF grant calls.

The project is ideally founded on clear pilot data that support pursuing the novel and high-risk/high-gain idea over an extended project period of 4 years. If there at the application stage exists no pilot data, the applicants are encouraged to consider the Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme.

The grant cannot be used to cover the main applicant’s or the co-applicant’s own salary. Guidelines has been updated May 2024 to include this sentence under Eligible Budget Costs, section 3.4 page 11 and first bullet point changed to:

  • Salary for scientific employees in time-limited contracts e.g., PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, assistant/associate professors, researchers/senior researchers, laboratory administrators. Salary will not be covered for scientific personnel with time-unlimited contracts, applicants, or co-applicants.

About the grants


Up to DKK 15 million per grant




Committee on Interdisciplinary Research


For grant inquiries
Ulla Vig Nissen
Grant Manager, Dr Philos
[email protected]
Coralie Backlund
Scientific Manager
[email protected]

Research areas:

Funding from the Interdisciplinary Synergy programme will generate novel, interdisciplinary approaches driven by research that aligns with NNF’s strategic focus areas of Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, and Natural and Technical Sciences, with potential applicability in health or sustainability.

Please note that if the proposed research falls within Natural and Technical Sciences, the applicant must explicitly state the research’s potential application in health or sustainability.


Up to DKK 15 million over 4 years per grant (approximately DKK 3.75 million per year)

Application process

Please read “Information and Guidelines for Applicants” carefully before initiating the application process. Essential information about eligibility, required content, the evaluation criteria, budget structure, etc. is found in these guidelines.

The application must be completed and submitted using the foundation’s application system NORMA that can be accessed via the link “Apply now“.

Grant listings

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Managing a grant

Read more about how to manage a grant and what general information you need as a grant holder.