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Research in long-term health consequences of COVID-19 illness

Call opens
10 November 2020
Call closes
21 January 2021 2:00pm (CET)
Announcement of results
End of May 2021
Application guidelines


It is estimated that 10% of patients experience prolonged illness after COVID-19. Several reports indicate that COVID-19 is not just an acute respiratory disease but may cause long-term disease or discomfort by affecting organ systems. Especially worrying is that COVID-19 seems to cause persistent symptoms even in patients with milder forms of the illness. The range of symptoms are broad including neurological, cardiopulmonary, and immunological. Typical symptoms include persistent fatigue, neurological difficulties breathlessness, loss of smell and taste, joint and chest pain, metabolic disruption (such as poor control of diabetes), thromboembolic conditions, and depression and mental health conditions.

At present there is limited knowledge regarding the number of patients having long term symptoms, and how to best treat these patients.

The purpose of the programme will be to support collaborative projects that investigate the nature, incidence, distribution of long-term symptoms, and their underlying pathogenesis in COVID-19 patients as well as to develop and test treatments for long-term COVID-19 illness. The current thematic call is aimed to fund projects that:

  1. Investigate the nature, incidence, distribution and duration of long-term symptoms, and their underlying pathogenesis in COVID-19 patients.
  2. Development and test treatments for long-term COVID-19 illness.

It is important that the applicant documents access to an adequate patient group for the completion of the study. In order to obtain a sufficient number of patients Nordic/international collaboration is encouraged.

About the grant


Up to DKK 10 million per grant



Career stage

Research Leaders (Established/Prof.), Research Leaders (Mid-career/Associate Prof.)


For grant inquiries
Susanne E. Hede
Senior Scientific Manager, PhD
+45 3527 6629 [email protected]
Please note that the application deadline has been extended until 21 January 2021, 2 pm (CET)


The programme supports excellent scientists from 1-5 research groups, (main applicant plus 1-4 co-applicants). It is expected that the main applicant is employed at a Danish hospital, Danish university, or other non-profit Danish research organization, that will be considered the host institution of the project. The research institutions of the co-applicants can be in Denmark or abroad.


A total of up to DKK 40 million is available for grants between DKK 3 million and DKK 10 million for projects lasting up to 4 years.

Application process

The application must be completed and submitted using the foundation’s application system.

We recommend that applicants carefully read the “Information and guidelines for applicants” found under “how to apply” before initiating the application process. Additional essential information on the call and application process is found in this document.

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